The Great Unknown

An historical play in three acts

by Bassett Kendall

Characters in order of appearance
Name Nationality Description
Krasnovik Klovenian A rising young politician
Marevski Hungarian A carpenter and mechanic
Pezuin Klovenian Proprietor of the Cafe Krischka
Joseph Wilkinson English Waiter in the Cafe Krischka
Otto von Armstadt German Departmental Chief of the Secret Service of
the League of Nations in Eastern Europe
Pieter van der Vogt Dutch Agent of the League Secret Service
Marta Losch Swiss Agent of the League Secret Service
Slovenski Hungarian A professor of Natural Science
Moneskin Klovenian A mechanical engineer
Baron Zovescu Klovenian A politician
Baroness Zovescu Klovenian The Baron’s wife
Prince Karyl of Klovenia Klovenian Claimant to the throne of Klovenia
Read letter Letter from Bassett Kendall to the Headmaster of West Downs
Act One The Cafe Krischka in Budapest
Act Two A room in Castle Driznov, Baron Zovescu’s country house, about five
miles from Botreznik, the capital of Klovenia. October 14th 3 p.m.
Act Three The same. October 14th, 8.30 p.m.

The action of the play takes place in the year 1975 A.D.