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Mark Hichens’ Book “West Downs—A Portrait of an English Prep School” was published in 1992, and was very well received by the many OWDs who bought it. If we didn’t have you on our mailing list then, and you would like to know more about the book and its reviews, please write to the Secretary, Nick Hodson, for more information.

The following OWDS publications have been available in the past, but have now been put onto a CD which is available at OWDS events, or by special request. They are all available easily in the website, by using the links given below.

“West Downs—1954-1988” by J.F. Cornes. A detailed book about the staff and management of the School during Jerry’s era. On the CD and website.

“West Downs during the Helbert Era”, “West Downs during the Tindall Era”, “West Downs during the Cornes Era”, three collections edited by Nick Hodson. Letters, etc, written for Mark Hichens when he wrote his book, and some other materials that we have obtained since. All available on the CD and on the website.
The Helbert Era
The Tindall Era
The Cornes Era

“The O.W.D. Society Register”, a list containing as far as possible the names of all those who were at West Downs, 1897-1988. Included are addresses where known, an Index by U.K. Region and an Index by Year of Entry. The Staff List includes the names of those who served the School well for a number of years. A5 booklet form, approx 84 pp. Available only at OWD events, by previous arrangement. However, we do offer to send you an extract of the Register centred on your time at the school.

“A Life of Jesus” by Kenneth Tindall, better known to generations of West Downs pupils as “The Unholy Gospel”. Equivalent to 400 pages of A4, now available within the CD and on the website.
“The Life of Jesus”

Bassett Kendall’s “The Masters’ Plays” are now available (the pseudonym of Kenneth Bassett Tindall). Nine A5 volumes of about 30 pp. “My Phoebe”, “The Great Unknown”, “The Yellow Peril”, “The Vulture”, “Wild Geese”, “The Destroying Angel”, “The Morris League”, “The Grey Shadow” and “The President Elect”. These were written in the twenties and thirties, and deal very interestingly with the issues of the time. “My Phoebe” was much earlier than the others, being definitely Edwardian, as Ann Bass, KBT’s daughter, has pointed out. They were acted by the staff and KBT’s friends after secret rehearsals, and always came as a total surprise to the boys and girls in the school.
“The Masters’ Plays”

“Cricket and Football First XI Teams”. West Down Cricket 1st XIs from 1899-1988 and Football 1st XIs from 1904-1986. On the CD and website.
West Downs Capped Team Members, alphabetically
West Downs 1st XI Cricket Teams by year
West Downs 1st XI Football Teams by year

All the above (with the exception of the book by Mark Hichens) are available as a single CD on request from the Secretary, or at OWDS events by previous arrangement.

Nick Hodson, OWD Society Secretary