The Vulture

A Tale of modern commerce

by Bassett Kendall

Characters in order of their appearance
Pedro Ibanez-agent of the Spanish Communist Government
Magdalena -Señor Cabaño’s housekeeper
Jane Hopton -Señor Cabaño’s private secretary
Esther Conolly -a gypsy – wife of Daniel Conolly
Señor Miguel Cabaño -a Spanish businessman
Williams -his manservant
Sir Harold Vincent -junior partner of Goodbody and Vincent, an armaments firm
Daniel Conolly -proprietor of Conolly’s Fun Fair
Jonah Jordon -skipper of a tramp steamer
Tony Kingdon -of the C.I.D.
Major Luis Batista -agent of the Spanish insurgent forces
Inspector Jenkins -of the Pembrokeshire County Constabulary
Concha -grandmother to José; an aged woman, reputed a witch
José -the keeper of a poor Spanish inn
Carlos, Ramon -Spaniards, supporting the insurgents